Vivek Hansraj: Growing a resilient business with big aspirations

When Vivek Hansraj and his father, Vinay, started their bond origination company, Property Finance Solutions, in 2019, they did so in incredibly tough circumstances. Not only was the start of the Covid-19 pandemic just a few months away, but Vinay had to undergo surgery, which posed challenges in the family’s personal and professional lives. However, they persisted with the business, and Vivek credits their passion and resilience for the company’s subsequent success. “It’s our ‘never give up’ attitude that keeps us going,” he says.


Since its inception just four years ago, Property Finance Solutions has not only built up an impressive track record and made a name for itself in the industry, it’s also picked up several accolades along the way. These include the Fastest Market Share Growth from Absa, the Highest Conversion Rate in KZN from MortgageMax, and a 2023 TBW Youth in Business Award for Vivek.


Although the company is young, it has big aspirations. In fact, Property Finance Solutions has set its sights on going national within the next few years. And given Vivek and Vinay’s passion, dedication, and resilience, we have no doubt that they will succeed. We caught up with Vivek to find out what drives this dynamic team and what they believe sets Property Finance Solutions apart.


What is your ‘why’ – the reason you do what you do?

As a bond origination team, we love putting people into homes and making their dreams of becoming homeowners a reality. We treat all our clients equally, regardless of whether they’re applying for a big or small bond. Ultimately, our passion for helping our clients fulfil their dreams is the reason we do what we do.


What do you love most about working in the bond origination industry?

I love interacting with our clients. No client is the same, and some have been planning this momentous achievement for a very long time. It brings me great satisfaction to be part of their journey and to assist them with the home loan process.


What is your greatest strength as a bond originator?

Undoubtedly the data analysis I undertake on each file. I find it interesting to sift through data and identify the best possible approach for each client’s application.


What is the secret to outstanding client service?

Providing feedback and quick turnaround times are key to client satisfaction. We often get referrals from past clients who have appreciated our service and recommended us to their family and friends.


What differentiates Property Finance Solutions?

We’re incredibly resilient. Our decline ratio is never higher than 5% in any given month. We take a hands-on approach with every application and check that all the information supplied is correct and accurate. We also have combined experience of over 75 years in the banking and financial industry, which has enabled us to build meaningful relationships with the various banks.


Who is your greatest inspiration?

I’d have to say my parents. They instilled the values of hard work and humility in me from a very early age and this has made me the person I am today.


What does success mean to you?

Success means taking on new challenges and reaching greater heights. It’s about never being content with your skills and always looking for opportunities to continue to empower yourself and those around you. Success is about being adaptable and willing to take risks and try new things.


What made you choose MortgageMax as your business partner?

We met CEO Jors Van Niekerk at an event in Durban and he shared the business’ approach and ethos with us. We loved the concept he presented to us as it felt like joining a family who is always willing to lend a helping hand – and over the years, this has proven to be true.


What advice would you give to someone starting out in bond origination?

This business is all about maintaining meaningful relationships. As a bond originator, you have to keep your clients up to speed on the progress of their application and you need to provide exceptional service.