Frequently Asked Questions.

As a Business Partner you will have a regional relationship manager that is just as invested in your business success as you are. You can discuss your business plan, growth intentions and get advice and guidance. We have a trainer that will ensure that you have all the training needed on the systems you will use, as well as an Introduction pack that will cover all the information you will need to get started.  We also have a dedicated business support structure, IT Help desk as well as a MortgageMax team leader to assist with Escalations to the banks. We are supported by a product and Marketing manager to assist in your journey as a business partner  

You will need to have home loan experience. Gained either in the banking sector or the bond origination side. As you represent a buyer and undertake to get the best possible offer, it is important that you can prepare motivations and you are familiar with all types of entities that might apply.

You will need to be able to have sufficient capital put aside, while you build your pipeline . Your funds will only start to generate at registration stage. Your Regional relationship manager will be able to guide you here, as it depends on what your current portfolio consists of and at what stage of the journey you are. As a general guideline 6-12 months.